(JANUARY 2021) - M&H Consulting has added three online sustainability overviews providing a concise, informative summary for each component of ESG:

Each overview presents the major themes and issues for that segment, as well as a discussion of its potential impacts on business.

With the flood of information being published on sustainability/ESG, these overviews are designed to provide a clear, practical introduction for managers and stakeholders in all types of organizations.


(December 2020) - M&H Consulting is now a member of The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Alliance (SASB Alliance).

The SASB Alliance is a new membership program for organizations and individuals that support the need for more decision-useful, cost-effective sustainability disclosure. The SASB Alliance has two groups, one for organizations and one for individuals. Both levels offer education and resources designed to provide preparation for the growing practice of sustainability accounting and disclosure.

SASB Alliance members share the belief that today’s capital markets need standardized sustainability disclosure and effective ESG integration into investment practices – for the benefit of both companies and investors.


(JULY 2020) - M&H Consulting is pleased to announce a major addition to its service line with full-spectrum consulting for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk management. M&H Consulting assists clients at all levels of need, from planning their first sustainability initiative to enhancing an established ESG culture of sustainable value.

Companies worldwide are placing increasing emphasis on strengthening their ESG performance. In addition to helping reduce safety and environmental risks, sound sustainable practices improve brand perception and public reputation, better prepare a company for regulatory compliance, and increase a firm’s attractiveness to investors.

“ESG issues impact every facet of a company and its operations,“ said Lisa Costello, President of M&H Consulting. “Managing sustainability risks properly requires not only changes in processes and procedures, but a transformation in the culture of a company. Our sustainability team assesses how our client’s organization ranks within their peer group, identifies opportunities for improvement, and develops plans to implement those improvements. The ultimate goal is to create sustainable value for our client.”

Learn more about M&H Consulting sustainability services here.


(July 2020) - A group of Rice University MBA Program students recently gained practical experience in a hands-on project management course. M&H Consulting’s Business Development Director Paul Jacobs was part of the effort, serving as a sponsor and contributing real-world knowledge and direction to enhance their learning experience.

Practical Lessons

The students were participating in a project management course led by Valerie Walker, Lecturer in Management – Operations Management for the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. Teams of five students each were tasked with managing a complex, mock development project and presenting their findings to the class at the end of the semester. This was Jacob's second year to serve as a volunteer sponsor for one of the groups.

Jacobs created a scope for the project, challenging his group to develop a new “Acme Energy” oil production facility offshore Brazil. Although the project is fictitious, details are based on his prior work in engineering offshore platforms and more than 12 years of consulting and E&P company experience.

Communication is Key

In addition to building practical project management skills for the students, Jacobs emphasized one key principle contributing to the student's effectiveness as leaders. “Communication is the single most important driver for success,” said Jacobs. “A project manager’s job is not only to communicate with his or her team, but also to facilitate communication between members of the team.”

Jacobs led status meetings with the team in bi-weekly video conferences. “This is a talented group of individuals and they typically did a good job of asking for the proper information. When they needed it, I questioned them until they were headed in the right direction.”